What Will they Ask at a Creditor’s Meeting? Aurora Bankruptcy Lawyer

What will they ask at a creditor's meeting in Colorado? Read more in our blog.When you file for bankruptcy in Aurora, Denver, and Littleton, you will be required to be at court for the Meeting of Creditors. This is a hearing where the bankruptcy trustee will ask you questions about your debts, and where your creditors can ask questions as well. Don’t worry – this isn’t a time for all the people you owe money, to show up and berate you. Instead, it is more like a visit to the DMV in Centennial, Greenwood Village, and Lone Tree. Having the best bankruptcy lawyer by your side as you attend this meeting can be helpful and calming. Let’s take a look at what the bankruptcy trustee will ask at a creditor’s meeting. The following is referenced from the Department of Justice website (click here to see a full list of questions from the Department of Justice).

Types of Questions the Trustee is Required to Ask at the Creditor’s Meeting

Basic Questions:

Your name, current address, identification, social security card, etc.

Questions about the Petition:

Did you sign the petition, statements, and all related documents on your own? Did you read them before you signed them? Are you familiar with the information in the documents? To the best of your knowledge, is the information in those documents correct?

Questions about Assets:

Did you list all your creditors and assets on the schedules? Have you previously filed for bankruptcy?

General Questions:

What is your current employer’s address? Is the copy of the tax return in your petition the most recent tax return? Have you filed tax returns for the past 4 years? Do you have domestic support obligations? If so, are you current on these obligations?

Types of Questions the Trustee Will Ask When Deemed Appropriate

Real Estate Questions:

Do you have any interest or own any type of real estate? If so, more specific questions will be asked. Have you made any transfers of property? If so, more specific questions will be asked. Does anyone hold property which belongs to you? If so, more specific questions will be asked.

Lawsuit Questions:

Are you the plaintiff in a lawsuit? Do you have a claim against you by an individual or a business?

Money Questions:

Are you entitled to any life insurance proceeds or inheritance? Does anyone owe you money? Have you made any large payments to anyone in the past year? Do you have a bank account? When you filed your petition, did you have cash on hand, stocks or bonds, U.S. savings bonds, safe deposit box, or certificates of deposit?

General Questions:

Did you file your federal tax income returns on time? Do you own a car? Do you have reason to believe you might get property as a result of a divorce? Have you participated in a business during the last six years?

Filing for Bankruptcy in Aurora or Denver Area? A Lawyer Can Help

If you are wondering what types of questions the bankruptcy trustee will ask at your creditor’s meeting, and concerned about the details, contact a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney immediately. Filing for bankruptcy is a complicated process, full of opportunities for error. You are most likely stressed about finances, don’t add on the additional stress about filing correctly for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy attorney Barry Arrington has over 20 years of experience in bankruptcy, and he knows all the complexities of the bankruptcy code. If you work with him, you are guaranteed to have him working on your case, not a paralegal or assistant. Don’t hesitate – contact him today for a free consultation.

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