Why You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Centennial, Littleton or Aurora

Learn why you need a bankruptcy lawyer in Colorado.You may be wondering why you need a bankruptcy lawyer in Centennial, Littleton or Aurora. You might be asking yourself “why can’t I file for bankruptcy on my own?” A complete answer to this question would be far too long for this blog post. I’ll let the U.S. Bankruptcy Court address the issue, and explain the reasons you need a bankruptcy lawyer.

Filing for Bankruptcy is a Complicated Process

Bankruptcy is a confusing process, and is difficult to understand the procedures and regulations without training and experience. In their report, the court states:

“While individuals can file a bankruptcy case without an attorney or “pro se,” it is extremely difficult to do it successfully.”

There is so much involved when you file for bankruptcy. You will be expected to follow the rules that govern bankruptcies in Colorado, such as the local court rules in Denver, where your case is filed, the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, and the United States Bankruptcy Code. Becoming an expert in these rules and procedures doesn’t happen overnight – it comes from years of experience fighting for debt relief in Centennial, Littleton and Aurora. That’s why you need a bankruptcy lawyer.

Your Case Could Get Dismissed: The Problem with Refiling

If you make errors when you file for bankruptcy in Centennial, Littleton and Aurora, your case could be dismissed. Often, you can refile, but new laws are making that second filing more difficult. For example, when you first file for bankruptcy, you are granted an automatic stay. An automatic stay stops most creditors from harassing. It also keeps them from contacting you about your debts and halts foreclosures. If you have to refile, the automatic stay only lasts for 30-days. You can file a motion to extend this 30-day stay, but many people who are filing without a lawyer don’t understand this or other deadlines.

You Could End up Paying More, or You Could Lose Property

Because exemptions are confusing when filing for bankruptcy, you could inadvertently end up paying more. Or, you could lose property that you might otherwise have been able to keep. The Colorado Bankruptcy Court posted an article on their website for people who wish to self-file for bankruptcy. In it, an experienced bankruptcy attorney stated: “Unless a person is extremely sophisticated, they’re not going to be able to understand it all and in many cases they will make mistakes that will cost them money.” Henry Sommer, who is president of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, says: “Bankruptcy can be an expensive proceeding, but it can be much more expensive if you don’t do it properly, and it can cause you hardships that may be irreversible, such as losing a home or a car that might have been protected.”

Bankruptcy Fraud is a Crime in Arapahoe and Adams County

If a bankruptcy judge believes a debtor did something dishonest during a bankruptcy case, they can deny the discharge of debts. Dishonesty could be falsifying records (which could be done accidentally), lying, or hiding property. You could also be charged with bankruptcy fraud.

Why You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Centennial, Aurora and Littleton

If you are in financial difficulty and are considering bankruptcy, consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney. An attorney can sort through the complicated paperwork, file your bankruptcy without errors, and save your property. They can also save you money in the end. In some cases, the lawyer’s fee can come out of the bankruptcy estate.

Barry Arrington has proven many times that he can successfully overcome the difficulties of filing a Chapter 7, or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Centennial, Littleton, and Aurora. Contact Barry, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer at 303-205-7870 (or submit the “Get Help Now” form) for answers to more specific questions.

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