Student Loan Debts in Centennial and Aurora: Ways to Cut Down and Eliminate Your Student Loans

Here are some ideas you can implement to help pay down and eliminate student loan debts.
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Students loan debt is a big problem for many in Centennial and Aurora. The problem stems from the fact that you are taking on a large amount of debt before you have any real income. Then, once you get a job and start earning money, it feels like you are just trying to play catch-up, never really getting ahead. Often, people come to me wondering if bankruptcy can help solve their students loan debt problems. I truly wish they could. It is only under very specific circumstances that a judge would ever discharge student loan debts. (Click here to read about the Brunner test and how Colorado Bankruptcy Courts determine if someone is eligible to discharge their student loans.)

Student Loan Debts: Strategies to Pay Down and Eliminate your Student Loan Debt in Aurora

While filing for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may not wipe away your student loans, there are many options that may be able to help you pay them down in Aurora and across Colorado:

Employer Assistance Programs –

Many employers see the value in offering student loan assistance to their employees. It is a benefit for both the employer and employee, as employees are likely to remain at jobs with better benefits. Ask your employer if they offer this type of assistance. If not, and they have no interest in the idea, maybe look for an employer who does. You may be surprised how many companies are already addressing these needs.

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs –

While most people know about the public service loan forgiveness program, often they think it only applies to law enforcement. It actually has a much larger scope and anyone working within a qualifying organization is eligible. Each state also offers some loan forgiveness programs that you may qualify for. Click here to see the current Colorado loan forgiveness programs.

Dealing with the Rest of Your Debt –

If student loans are not the only debt you are carrying, which often it is not, bankruptcy may be a valid option for you. With a bankruptcy discharge, you can wipe out your other debt, leaving you with more of your income to pay down your student loan debts. While bankruptcy won’t wipe out all your debt in this situation, it can give you some relief and allow you to reallocate funds and offer some important debt relief.

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