Hiring a Cheap Lawyer Will Cost You Money in Denver

Hiring a cheap lawyer will cost you money in Colorado.Many times people contact me and the first thing they ask is how much I charge as an experienced bankruptcy attorney in the Denver metro area. While I understand where they’re coming from (they are struggling to overcome debt, after all), I seek to explain the importance of focusing on finding the right lawyer, not the cheapest one. Let me explain:

What the Cheapest Lawyer Will Do for You

If you hire the cheapest lawyer you can find, you will be bombarded with promises about your bankruptcy case. They will tell you how much you will save, and how they are able to offer cheap prices because of their case volume. This is a lie. Cheap bankruptcy attorneys in Greenwood Village, Centennial, and Lone Tree are able to keep their prices low, because they have assistants and paralegals who make important decisions on your case.. They also make promises they can’t keep – once you hire them, you’ll be left high and dry. You won’t be able to contact the lawyer. When you call the office, you’ll only speak to the assistant who can’t answer your questions. I receive hundreds of calls each year from people who are distraught; their bankruptcy case was denied because there were too many mistakes. Many hired a cheap lawyer.

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”75%”]Attorney Barry Arrington makes the decisions on your case: Not a paralegal or assistant.[/pullquote]

What the Right Lawyer for You Will Do

Choosing the right bankruptcy attorney for you is important. You will be working closely with this person for the next few months. They will be looking at your finances and way of life. They will be discussing options for your future. This relationship is more of a partnership. You need to choose someone who you get along with. You need to choose someone you trust. You want to choose a bankruptcy attorney with experience, who will file your bankruptcy case correctly the first time. You need to choose someone who isn’t so busy their paralegal makes important decisions. You need someone who has a thorough understanding of the bankruptcy code and can guide you seamlessly through the process in Highlands Ranch, Aurora, or Littleton.

I Offer a Free Initial Bankruptcy Consultation

As an experienced bankruptcy attorney, I understand the importance of working with someone you can trust. There is no way to know if you get along with someone and can trust their work without meeting with them. This is why I offer a free bankruptcy consultation. When you call my office, we will set up an appointment to meet with me: The decision-maker on your case. During this meeting, we’ll discuss your finances and create a game plan for a debt-free future. I will not pressure you to make a decision about whether or not you will partner with me. This is because I know you need to make this decision on your own, without pressure. You will leave your meeting with me with a wealth of information and hope.

If you are struggling to make ends meet, don’t simply hire a cheap lawyer without researching: Request your free consultation meeting with Barry Arrington, an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Thornton, Englewood and Aurora, at 303-205-7870 or submit the “Get Help Now” form to begin your journey toward financial freedom.

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