Consumer spending up .08%, but average income only up by .04%

Is it a sign that the economy is starting to rebound in Denver? Or have Coloradans still not learned to live within their means?  That is what people are wondering as a report recently released showed the average American spent .08% more in September than they had in months past, even though their wages increased by half that rate.  Optimists will see this news as a sign that people have increased confidence in the economy in cities like Aurora, Arvada, or Northglenn.  Others believe we are still in the middle of a slow growth economy.

Living within your means is a very practical way to avoid bankruptcy, or other financial pitfalls such as repossession or foreclosure.  This report of a small upward financial trend means good things for the economy, because it will continue to improve as more and more people put money back into the system.  People need to be aware, however, that good financial choices today will prevent them from having to deal with a foreclosure if the economy does not come out of this recession.

To take full advantage of this upswing in the economy, getting your finances in order is essential. Bankruptcy is a viable option for many.  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy organizes the debts you have and provides a payment plan to meet those bills. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy involves a complete discharge of your debts and stops annoying creditor phone calls. In many cases a good bankruptcy attorney will be able to work with the bankruptcy trustees so that none of your property will have to be turned over.

If you are in a position where you think considering a Denver Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy would be in your best interests, contact experienced Denver bankruptcy attorney Barry Arrington at 303-205-7870 for your best, fresh start possible.