5 Worries When Considering Divorce in Colorado

Divorce is a hard decision for most and you should consider all the implications before proceeding.  You probably have several worries when considering divorce.

The main reasons most people site for divorce are concerns over money or love life.  If money is your concern this blog will give you some things to consider as well as address other fears you might have.

Worries When Considering Divorce

1. I’ll be a Failure if I Divorce

When you said I “I Do” you probably never thought you would be considering divorce.  You probably thought you would grow old together. Nearly 50% of married couples in the United States divorce, according to the American Psychological Association. If you remarry, the rate is even higher.  And depending on where you live in Colorado it could be even higher. Aspen, Colorado has the highest divorce rate in Colorado. There is good news for my clients living in the Denver area like Aurora, Lakewood, Englewood and more.  Those cities do not rank in the top ten for highest divorce rate in Colorado.

2. I Can’t Afford to Get Divorced

You may be worried about where you live.  Perhaps you have wracked up enormous marital debt.  Maybe you didn’t even know you had the debt. In Colorado, your spouse can get a credit card which becomes joint marital debt without your knowledge. Bankruptcy could be your way out.  If you are in an abusive marriage, do not let finances make you stay. Bankruptcy is a real option in a divorce and can help you both set out with a fresh start.

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3. Guilt – Am I Being Selfish?

Many marriages unfortunately end due to infidelity.  If this is your case, I can’t give you and sound advice other than getting a good therapist.  There is a great online forum called survivinginfidelity.com that may help you.  It is anonymous.

Maybe you just feel guilty for breaking your vows.  As a Christian, I understand.

Whatever the reason, I highly suggest therapy and being as honest as you can with your spouse.

4. What About the Kids?

If you have children together this should be your primary concern.  I always suggest parents try to work together in the best interest of the kids.  Believe me, they will respect you later if you are civil. Try to sit down together ad come up with custody sharing that is best for all.

5. Will I Ever Find Someone Else?

Rarely do you find a person that truly wants to be alone.  We all want companionship. The majority of divorcees go on to marry again. In fact, the latest statistic is 80%. On average most remarry in less than 4 years.

Consult Professionals

I am not a therapist and certainly not an expert in love but I do love my wife very much and I am sorry you are struggling.  I highly suggest talking to a good divorce attorney. An attorney I recommend is Shaun Pearman from Pearman Law Firm. If I can help with your bankruptcy concerns please give me a call or simply fill out the simple contact form below. One less thing to worry about is always a good thing.

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