Can I Get a New Job if My Wages are Being Garnished

If you’re drowning in debt and getting behind on your bills, you might be facing having your wages garnished. In addition to being in debt and already unable to pay your bills, a garnishment is going to make your bad financial situation even worse. And now for the really bad news: you can be fired for more than one garnishment order and be unable to get a new job.

Yeah, that hurts.

Federal Law and Wage Garnishment

I specialize in Colorado bankruptcy and more specifically, bankruptcy filings in the Denver metro area. This means the bulk of my clients live in Aurora, Centennial, Broomfield, Engleton and so forth.

Whether you live in Denver, Colorado or anywhere else in the United States, Federal laws provide a number of debtor protections. These include protection from harassing phone calls at work and for allowing you to keep your job if your wages are being garnished.

However, there’s a caveat. If your wages are being garnished by more than one creditor, then your employer can fire you. Even worse, potential employers can deny you employment if more than one creditor has a garnishment order against you.

This is because an employer’s legal obligation to adhere to court-ordered wage garnishment is a hassle. An expensive hassle.

Not only that, your employer assumes a legal risk in upholding your garnishment order. A small accounting error on their part could cost them dearly in legal fees.

The bottomline is most employers would rather not be in the middle of your debt problems.

Stop Having Your Wages Garnished

In order to avoid wage garnishment, the federal government provides a legal way to stop debt collections immediately. It’s Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If your wages are being garnished or about to be, this might be your best course of action to stop the garnishment and keep your job.

How Chapter 13 Can Help You Keep Your Job in Colorado

Now for the good news. If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can stop wage garnishments and other collection activities immediately. Of course, this assumes you will finally take control of your bad situation and begin the hard work of making things better.

If your wages are being garnished (or if creditors are taking steps to collect), contact me immediately to schedule a FREE consultation. I’ll take a good look at your financial situation and educate you about your best options for stopping wage garnishments and keeping your job.

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