Wage Garnishment in Colorado

Wage Garnishment in Colorado

If you ignore your bills long enough, you might get slapped with what is called a wage garnishment in Colorado. This not only makes your financial situation worse, it could hurt your reputation at work and possibly cause you to lose your job. It does not matter which part of the state you are in.  Whether you are in Denver, Littleton, Englewood, Aurora, Centennial or other Denver metro cities the wage garnishment laws are the same.

A garnishment costs your employer money because they have to take extra steps and incur additional expenses in processing payroll. It also creates a legal obligation for your employer because the state requires them to pay the garnishment order. If they don’t, they will get into legal trouble of their own.

You don’t want to deal with a wage garnishment. You also don’t want your employer stuck in the middle of your debt problems.

In order to avoid wage garnishment, the state of Colorado provides an option known as Chapter 13 “catch your breath” bankruptcy.

How Chapter 13 Can Stop Wage Garnishment in Colorado

In Colorado, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing can protect you from ongoing collection efforts, and also protect your employer from the legal requirements and costs of your wage garnishment. While it takes some work to prepare for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing and some time to get the judge’s signature on it, it’s worth the effort.

With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can stop creditor calls and collection efforts, including wage garnishment.

How Chapter 7 Can Stop Wage Garnishment in Colorado

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is another option under Colorado law that can stop wage garnishment. Unlike Chapter 13, in which you repay your creditors under a court-approved payment plan, Chapter 7 eliminates almost all of your debts. It also stops wage garnishment immediately.

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