Need Some Christmas Cheer? Volunteer in Denver!

How to Volunteer in Denver this Holiday Season

One of the most stressful things in life is dealing with too much debt. One of my clients in Centennial told me the stress of her family’s debt problems is causing conflict in their marriage and she fears her husband is becoming clinically depressed.

She’s not alone. A simple Google search for “Christmas depression” brings up 295,000,000 results. That’s 295 million!

If you’re like this client and her family, have hope. There are steps you can take to turn a sad spirit into a cheerful one. In fact, it’s rather simple: if you need some Christmas cheer, volunteer to help someone out who might be feeling worse than you are.

Why Volunteering Helps Fight the Holiday Blues

The mental health benefits of volunteering have been studied and reported for decades, by science as well as by volunteers, themselves. Ask any stay-at-home-mom how volunteering at her child’s school or in her church helped cure her loneliness or feelings of inadequacy.

Back in 2013, the American Psychological Association reported important physical benefits as well, citing a direct benefit for people with hypertension:

“Those who had volunteered at least 200 hr in the 12 months prior to baseline were less likely to develop hypertension.”

In other words, regular volunteering is scientifically proven to provide physical and mental health benefits.

Now that we have science to prove the benefits of volunteering, let’s talk about where you can help out around Denver this holiday season.

Volunteer in Denver Churches this Holiday Season

I’m a big advocate for volunteering at a church. If you don’t have a church of your own, there are plenty of churches all around Denver that can use your help this holiday season.

(My church loves volunteers! Contact me to get involved.)

Our city’s churches help provide sorely needed food, clothing, shelter and emotional support to thousands of our neighbors. If you’re depressed about your debt situation but you still have a home and regular meals, you’re far better off than most.

Here’s a link to Denver-area churches. Pick one this holiday season. They need you!

Volunteer in Denver Schools

Schools are another place to volunteer. You’ll be sadly surprised how many kids can’t afford their school lunch and have never seen a Christmas gift. If you can help a local school with a toy drive or bake sale, you just might be the one person to put a smile on a sad child’s face this season.

Most schools have strict requirements (and screening) for on-site volunteering, and this is understandable. But that shouldn’t stop you from starting a toy drive on your own. Chances are good your friends, family and neighbors would love to contribute toys or cash to help some disadvantaged kids in your community.

If you have kids, teaching them to volunteer to help others can benefit them for a lifetime.

Our men and women in uniform are some of the most active volunteers in the world. From the military and police, to firefighters and other emergency responders. Millions of volunteer hours are given by these hard-working men and women.

The Christmas Crusade for Children is co-sponsored by local radio station KYGO and the Denver police. Since 1983, these organizations have worked together to help children in dire living circumstances with surprise Christmas toys and gifts. Look them up and help them out.

Don’t Let Depression Destroy Your Holiday Season

If you have too much debt, let’s deal with it. Right now.

Contact me for a free bankruptcy consultation. While we’re at it, we can share ideas for chasing away holiday depression.

You and your family deserve the happiness and peace that comes from getting a fresh financial start and learning to help others along the way.

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