We Predicted A New Year Wage Garnishment

I never want to be the kind of attorney who says, “I told you so.” My clients are struggling with too much debt and too little income to pay their debts. They’re already feeling a little down and stressed. So let’s just say, “We predicted a New Year wage garnishment.”

We’re halfway through January and the glitzy promises of New Year resolutions might be starting to look a bit more like a mountain of credit card debt.

Fact: Overspending in December often leads to calls from collectors in January.

Once the collection calls start and you begin ignoring them, the next thing that happens is what is called a wage garnishment.

This is a way for creditors to ask the court to order your employer to deduct a percentage of your paycheck at every pay period in order to make payments to your creditors.

All of a sudden, a bad debt situation is now worse. And if more than one collector gets a garnishment order, your employer has a legal right to fire you.

But wait, there’s more bad news.

In fact, multiple wage garnishments are a legal excuse for a new employer to deny you a job.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. I have clients from every part of Denver dealing with the same debt problems you are. Just yesterday, a young couple from  Littleton called to tell me they had read my holiday blogs about spending less and giving more time to loved ones.

They saw my Facebook posts about volunteering instead of buying store-bought gifts.

And still, they fell for the mall hype and bought anyway, with money they didn’t have, counting on credit cards to carry them through Christmas.

So while I’m always pleased to get a new client I know I can help, it saddens me to see young Colorado families getting in over their heads in debt.

Fortunately, there are solutions for this family, and for every man, woman or family drowning in debt.

How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can Stop Wage Garnishments and Collection Calls

The U.S. legal system created bankruptcy laws to help debtors get a fresh start to a sound financial future if they make the mistake of taking on debts they can’t pay. Chapter 13 bankruptcy stops collection calls and garnishment orders immediately, and let’s the debtor catch their breath, financially speaking.

If you are one of my Denver-area neighbors who read my holiday blogs and overspent anyway (or someone who has never even heard of me), have heart. I can help you.

Contact me for a free bankruptcy consultation. Together, we’ll look at your income, your debts and any garnishment orders against you. With a little work and a short amount of time, we’ll stop the collection calls and wage garnishments, and get you on a good financial path.

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