Bankruptcy Lawyer in Centennial

If you are considering filing bankruptcy in Centennial Colorado you will want to talk to a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Centennial.  Barry Arrington is a bankruptcy lawyer in Centennial, Colorado.

Why do I need a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Centennial?

Barry Arrington knows the courts and proceeding in Centennial. He has been helping individuals and businesses with their bankruptcy cases for over 20 years.

What is the typical bankruptcy case in Centennial?

The typical person filing for bankruptcy has a large amount of debt. Debt is usually credit card debt. The typical filer most likely had a recent streak of bad luck like loss of a job, injury, divorce or uninsured medical expenses.

Bankruptcy law is designed to help people in situations like this and Barry Arrington is Colorado’s Fresh Start Bankruptcy Lawyer serving Centennial, Colorado.

Even though you may feel you have a huge amount of debt you may not need to file bankruptcy . Under the Exemption Laws of Colorado, you may already be “judgment-proof.” If so, do not fear credit card companies simply because you owe them. Unsecured creditors (like credit card companies) can’t take stuff if it’s exempt. If there are harassing phone calls they can usually stop with a simple phone call or letter.

Exemption Laws for Bankruptcy in Centennial Colorado

Exemption laws typically do not protect you against collection of child support or tax debts. And if you bought property and pledged it as collateral for the purchase-money loan (for example, a car loan or mortgage), the lender can take the property regardless of any exemption law.

Finally, there are some debts that cannot be removed even with bankruptcy. These debts are called “nondischargeable” debts. These debts generally includes child support, most student loans, and most tax debts.

If any of this sounds like you Contact Barry Arrington, a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Centennial today to discuss your situation and how he can help. Barry Arrington will always provide a free consultation and will let you know up front what your fees will be.

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