Can You File Bankruptcy Without An Attorney?

You are not the first to ask this question, and certainly, you won’t be the last. The reason why you are here is that you need a well-detailed answer and some sort of steps and guidelines on how to go about filing bankruptcy without needing the help of an attorney. Yes, you can file bankruptcy without an attorney, but there are certain conditions for doing that. Every individual in Denver has the right and freedom to file bankruptcy court an attorney. The ability to file a bankruptcy without needing an attorney to guide you is known as filing prose.

Steps On How To File Without An Attorney

Due to not having enough finance to hire an attorney, you may decide to carry out the task yourself. It is very possible to carry out that decisions of yours under chapter 7 and chapter 13 but you would need to have a good comprehension of legal issues before you can embark on such procedures. If you lack the right legal sense to carry out such a task, you should get a good bankruptcy attorney to help you with such a task because an error in the process and Law misunderstanding could affect your rights. However, there are certain facts you should know before considering filing bankruptcy with or without an Attorney. They are as follows;

  • Know the type of bankruptcy you want to file if it’s chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Be sure of the number of your properties and income.
  • Know the rate of complication of your bankruptcy.
  • Lastly, you should be sure that you are comfortable in filing your bankruptcy without an attorney.

If you have all these facts set, you can go ahead with handling your case.

Why You Shouldn’t File Bankruptcy On Your Own

Filing bankruptcy without an attorney is not always a good idea; therefore it is advisable to seek the counsel of a competent attorney, and Barry Arrington could be the solution to your answer. There are many reasons why you would certainly need the services of an attorney to handle your case of bankruptcy. You will mostly need the service of an attorney if you want to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy. This is because chapter 13 bankruptcy gives you the allowance of;

  • Catching up on your missed car loan payment or your mortgage.
  • Use cramdowns to reduce the interest rates on your car loans or your principal balance.

Because of the labor-intensive and high complexity of chapter 13,  you would need the services of a good attorney like Barry Arrington to handle such cases and deliver you from bankruptcy. Most importantly, you should note that for a court to confirm your chapter 13 bankruptcy, a feasible repayment plan that is acceptable to your creditors would be proposed by you. And without a well-grounded knowledge of bankruptcy which most attorneys possess, you can’t get through this process successfully. You will also need the counsel of an attorney if you are dealing with a complex chapter 7 bankruptcy. It’s not a big deal to personally handle a case of a simple chapter 7 bankruptcy, but in a situation where it is a complex chapter 7 bankruptcy, you need an attorney. Consulting a good attorney like Barry Arrington is a great step to take in a case like this. He will enlighten you properly and guide you through the whole process. He is a reliable attorney and would be willing to offer his services to you at a negotiate able rate.