Colorado Bankruptcy Documents | Steps for Filing Bankruptcy in Colorado

The first step in filing bankruptcy in Arapahoe County, Colorado is to gather your Colorado bankruptcy documents.  Getting your ducks in a row early will certainly help the entire process. So whether you are filing alone or with a Denver bankruptcy attorney you need to be as organized as possible. Colorado bankruptcy documents include bills, taxes and income.

Some of the documents you should collect when you are getting ready to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arapahoe County, Colorado will be used to complete your bankruptcy forms.

Colorado Bankruptcy Documents

  1. Credit Report – As much as you may think you know all your finances and debt you will need a credit report.  Courts will expect you to have a complete listing of all your debts.
  2. Collection Letters – There is a chance not all of your debts will be on your credit report so be sure to have copies of any collection letters as well.
  3. Medical Bills – Medical bills are usually one of the last debts to hit a credit report so if you have those be sure to cross reference and have copies of any of those on hand as well.  Call the hospital and doctors directly to make sure there are no additional invoices they have not sent yet.
  4. Loans – Details of any loans you have.  Student loans, automobile loans, mortgages.
  5. Tax Returns – You will need to provide a copy of your last federal filed tax return.
  6. Pay Stubs – You will need to provide a detailed history of your wages. A good rule of thumb is 6 months worth of pay stubs.


Be As Thorough As Possible

You want to be sure nothing is missed. This will help you ensure that all of your creditors are notified by the court after your case is filed.  So you want to be prepared with all of your Colorado bankruptcy documents.


Steps to Filing Bankruptcy in Colorado

There are several steps to filing bankruptcy in Colorado and providing documentation is just a piece of the process.  You can certainly try to file without a Denver bankruptcy lawyer. But when there is one with as much experience as Barry Arrington why would you want to? His no hidden fees approach to filing will set your mind at ease during your bankruptcy proceedings. Call today for a free consultation. And help set yourself up for a fresh start!