Christian Bankruptcy and a Note about Tax Day

It often comes as a surprise to my Christian friends and neighbors when we talk about bankruptcy. It stuns them when they find out I believe that God and the law of our land approve bankruptcy, including Christian Bankruptcy. Just the other day after coffee, my dear friend from Aurora, Colorado went to great lengths to argue this point.

This friend believes, as many Christians do, that debt and bankruptcy are un-Christian. I certainly agree that acquiring debt you cannot pay is a bad idea. It’s bad for your peace of mind, your future, your family’s financial stability and could even cost you your job.

But un-Christian? No.

When a Christian Should File Bankruptcy

I am a devoted Christian, as is my wife. Our faith and beliefs drive our decisions and lives, both at home and at work. When it comes to Christian bankruptcy, I believe it is my obligation to educate my Christian brothers and sisters about Godly financial management.

This means limiting debt to what can be reasonably and properly managed. It also means talking about filing a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy when debts get out of control.

And yes, it is my Christian belief that bankruptcy is a legal and biblical right for all Americans, including Christians.

So if you’re a Christian and your debts have taken over your family life, then you might need to ask yourself if it’s time to talk about filing bankruptcy.

Christian Bankruptcy Tax Time

At this time of year, in particular, I hear from more Christian brothers and sisters than any other time of the year. Why? It’s simple: overspending at the holidays and inability to pay the tax man when April 15 rolls around.

If any of these issues are on your mind, have faith. You are not alone and there are biblical solutions to your problems.

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