Bankruptcy Benefits in Denver | Stop Harassing Phone Calls

Filing for bankruptcy might make you feel like a failure.  But there are actually a lot of advantages and bankruptcy benefits to filing for bankruptcy in Denver.

Bankruptcy Benefits in Denver

  1. Stop harassing phone calls and letters. If you are up to your eyeballs in debt you are undoubtedly receiving calls from creditors.  Filing for bankruptcy will end the calls. Filing for bankruptcy triggers an automatic stay, preventing creditors from taking action to collect their debts
  2. Stop wage garnishments.
  3. Avoid foreclosure.  If you are in debt you may be worried about losing your home.  In many cases you can actually keep your primary residence in a bankruptcy.
  4. Stop an eviction.
  5. Avoid auto repossession.If you are in debt you certainly need your car to get to work.  A bankruptcy can allow you to keep your car.
  6. Prevent lawsuits.
  7. By using the bankruptcy exemptions, many debtors can go through the bankruptcy process without losing any of their property.
  8. Improve your credit.  I know this may sound like an impossibility right now. But once you file for bankruptcy your credit will begin to improve.
  9. Discharge your obligation to repay any of your dischargeable debts. However, there are some debts that are non-dis chargeable.
  10. Learn how to avoid financial issues in the future. Debtors declaring personal bankruptcy are required to take credit counseling. Therefore, you’ll have education to guide you as you rebuild your credit and learn new financial habits.
  11. Peace of mind.  Wouldn’t it be nice to answer your phone without fear?
  12. Learn to live without credit card debt. You will have to stop charging anything to your cards before your file.

Denver Bankruptcy Attorney

No one file bankruptcy to avoid paying their creditors if they have the means to pay them.  But life happens.  Maybe it is medical bills or student loans, a loss of job or other unforeseen situation that put you into debt.  Anyone can get down on their luck.  With the help of an experienced Denver bankruptcy attorney you can be on your way to a fresh start!