Aurora Bankruptcy Attorney | Are You Being Sued by a Debt Collector in Centennial?

Are you being sued by a creditor? Contact Barry to see how his bankruptcy and debt relief services could help!
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If you are being sued by a debt collector for non-payment, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy in Aurora, Centennial, or Denver. The process begins with a summons and complaint. You will be served with this legal paperwork, which outlines the basic information about the suit – including where the case was filed and a timeline for next steps. It also provides the argument against you as to why you are being sued. Next to wage garnishment, being sued by a creditor is often a trigger for why someone considers filing for bankruptcy.

Summons and Complaint Forms Filed in Denver: What Forms Should You Fill Out?

You may see blank forms attached to the summons and complaint. They are blank because the expectation is that you will fill them out, but this may not be in your best interest. These forms could be for your Answer to the Complaint. A mistake could equal confessing judgement against yourself. After a judgement, one of the forms will likely be a series of questions related to your employment and banking. This information is requested so if the creditor wins the suit, they can more easily go after the money they were awarded. It is important to note, though, that some of the forms may be court ordered interrogatories. Often, forms that are not required are labeled with voluntary or optional at the top. However, your safest option is to contact an experienced debt relief or bankruptcy attorney to guide you through the process.

Filing a Response or Answer in a Littleton Creditor Lawsuit

Another form that may be attached to a creditor’s summons and complaint is an Answer form. This document gives you the platform to explain why the judge should make a ruling in your favor. This can be a tricky document though, because anything you say can be used against you. It’s best to contact a Littleton bankruptcy and debt relief attorney to help you draft this document and also discuss the timing of your Answer with other debt related options. Sometimes, you can begin the process of filing for bankruptcy before the deadline for filing the Answer. This would provide you with a potential relief from the debt entirely and rid you of the pesky lawsuit.

If you are considering bankruptcy or are being sued by a debt collector, contact the best bankruptcy and debt relief lawyer Barry Arrington at 303-205-7870 for a free consultation to begin your journey toward financial freedom.

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