Automatic Stay and Tax Liens in Aurora Bankruptcy

Learn more about tax liens in a Colorado Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

When you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Aurora, an automatic stay will go into effect. When an automatic stay is in effect, it means creditors will not be able to contact you about your debt. However, if you have a tax lien on your property, the automatic stay may not protect your assets.

Tax Lien in Littleton: What is a Tax Lien?

In Littleton, a tax lien is a lien which is placed on your property by the state government or the IRS if you have failed to pay taxes owed. In some cases, when a tax lien is on your property, the government or IRS can seize the property and sell it to receive what is owed to them. In other cases, they may garnish wages, or levy bank accounts.

Does the Automatic Stay Apply to Tax Liens in Centennial?

In Centennial, an automatic stay will not apply to tax liens if the lien is due after you complete your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The automatic stay also will not apply to a lien for taxes which cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

Discharge Tax Debt in Parker: Is it Possible?

Most tax debt cannot be discharged. But, there are some circumstances in Parker where you may be able to discharge tax debt. Some of these circumstances are if your taxes are income taxes, no fraud or tax evasion was involved, you filed a tax return at least two years before filing bankruptcy, and the IRS assessed your tax debt at least 240 days before filing bankruptcy in Colorado.

Tax Debt Bankruptcy Lawyer in Greenwood Village: Call Today

Tax debt, tax liens and the automatic stay in a Greenwood Village bankruptcy can all be very confusing. It is imperative you consult an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who can talk with you about how your tax liens or tax debt will be handled in your bankruptcy, and what you can expect when you file. You are entitled to full debt relief, so you should always consult a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer to discuss your financial situation and needs in full detail.

If you have questions about tax liens, tax debt or the automatic stay in a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Colorado, contact bankruptcy attorney Barry Arrington for a free initial consultation. Contact him at 303-205-7870. Or, submit the “Get Help Now” form to begin your journey towards financial freedom.

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