Automatic Stay and Littleton Bankruptcy Can Prevent Wage Garnishment

A bankruptcy in Colorado can prevent wage garnishment.

A while ago, I read an article that said nearly 7.5 percent of paychecks are being garnished in Colorado, where student loans and personal consumer debts (such as credit card debts) were among the highest share of wage garnishments. If you are currently experiencing wage garnishment or are fearful of a wage garnishment about to occur, filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a helpful solution. Filing for bankruptcy can stop current wage garnishments as well as avoid wage garnishments about to occur.

A Bankruptcy Lawyer Answers: What is Wage Garnishment in Aurora?

Wage garnishment in Aurora and Lone Tree, Colorado, is a legal procedure when your employer is required to withhold a certain monetary amount from your paycheck to send to creditors / who the debt is owed to. This will be done until the debt is paid in full. In most cases, creditors must have a court order before garnishing your wages. However, certain debts such as child support, defaulted student loans or back taxes, do not require a creditor to obtain a court order for wage garnishment.

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A Bankruptcy Automatic Stay in Greenwood Village: One Way Bankruptcy Can Stop Wage Garnishments

When you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Greenwood Village, an automatic stay will go into effect immediately. This is a powerful aspect of bankruptcy that protects you from collection actions by creditors. The automatic stay is powerful and works to temporarily prevent lawsuits, foreclosure, and wage garnishments. With the automatic stay in place, creditors cannot garnish your wages at any point during your filing process. However, certain debts, like child support, are not protected under the automatic stay. You should always speak with a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer if you’re currently experiencing wage garnishment or think your wages are about to be garnished.

Denver Bankruptcy Lawyer: Call with Questions About Wage Garnishment

If you have more questions about wage garnishment in Denver or Highlands Ranch, consider calling bankruptcy lawyer Barry Arrington. Barry has worked with countless individuals to help them find financial freedom. Wage garnishment and heavy debt are not a good mix and can weigh heavily on anybody. Call Barry today to set up a free initial consultation to talk more about your unique situation.

If you would like more information about wage garnishments and how an automatic stay works in a Colorado Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, contact experienced Centennial bankruptcy attorney Barry Arrington today for a free consultation at 303-205-7870, or submit the “Get Bankruptcy Help Now” form. He will fight to get you the best, fresh start possible.

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