Aurora Bankruptcy and the Means Test: When Your Spouse’s Income is Considered for the Means Test

Learn more about when your spouse's income is considered for the Means Test in an Aurora Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
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To file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Aurora, you must pass what’s called the “means test”. A means test is what determines whether your income qualifies you to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In situations where you are married, but filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy without your spouse, you may be wondering how your spouse’s income will affect how you qualify for the means test.

Littleton Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Qualifying for the Means Test When Spouse isn’t Filing

If you are filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy without your spouse, how you qualify for the means test depends on whether or not you and your spouse are living in separate households. If you and your spouse are not living together, your spouse’s income will not be considered for the means test. It will only be considered if you share households. In some cases, such as when your spouse’s income does not contribute to household expenses, you may be able to use the Marital Adjustment Deduction to help you pass the means test.

Bankruptcy Marital Adjustment Deduction in Centennial Means Test: What is the Marital Adjustment Deduction?

In Centennial, Colorado, the Marital Adjustment Deduction is a section of the means test where you may deduct some of your spouse’s expenses which do not contribute to household expenses. Some of these expenses may include payroll deductions, credit card payments, car loan payments, or payments for 401(k) loans. If using the Marital Adjustment Deduction, you may reduce your household income for the means test, which may then allow you to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  A Centennial bankruptcy attorney can tell you more about this tool.

Parker Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Barry Arrington: Call Today

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