5 Tips for Saving Money this Memorial Day Weekend in Denver

Read tips on saving money on Memorial Day weekend in Colorado.
Memorial Day weekend is upon us. The three-day weekend gives us a chance to enjoy the outdoors, have our friends over for a barbecue, and relax in our homes in Littleton, Aurora, and Centennial. But, if you’re struggling with money, Memorial Day simply offers another reason to stress about making ends meet. I have worked with many clients who have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and I always offer these tips to them when the holidays approach. As a skilled bankruptcy attorney, I have years of experience working with finances. Here are my top five tips for saving money over the holidays:

  1. If You’re Road-Tripping: If you are hitting the road with your family, tune up your car so that you get the best gas mileage possible. Here are four ways to save when driving: 1) Fill your tank up with gas NOW before the weekend brings rising prices, 2) check tire pressure, 3) use cruise control (which helps with mileage and avoiding speed traps), and 4) turn off the air condition. This will help your mileage – you’ll also enjoy the fresh breeze!
  2. Pack Lunches: If you’re going on a hike or anywhere away from home, pack a lunch. Eating out is expensive. Eating a packed lunch is healthier and cheaper!
  3. If You’re Hosting: If you are hosting a barbecue, suggest a potluck so you’re not in charge of paying for all of the food. Or, you provide the meat (hamburgers and hot dogs are inexpensive) and ask your guests to provide side-dishes.
  4. Take a Hike: Instead of paying for an event, step outside for a free activity such as hiking, swimming in a lake, or starting a volleyball game in the park. These activities will keep you healthy and protect your savings.
  5. Stay Home and Relax: If money is tight, stay home in Englewood, Lone Tree, or Parker instead of traveling. Rent a few good movies, check out a couple of good summer reads, and spend time at home with your family. Odds are you’ll be more relaxed than if you had traveled.

Struggling to Make Ends Meet? Bankruptcy Can Provide Relief

Sometimes even the most careful planning is inadequate when it comes to finances. Unforeseen events such as a medical emergency, a broken down car, or a lost job can throw you off the edge into overwhelming debt. I understand the emotional damage caused by debt and constant harassment from debt collectors. If this sounds like you, contact me for a free consultation to discuss filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can provide:

  • Relief from Debt Collection: When you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect which makes it illegal for debt collectors to contact you. You’ll get instant relief from the harassment and wage garnishment.
  • A Fresh Start: Bankruptcy provides a fresh start by discharging your debts. Whether you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you’ll be given a second chance and a clean slate. You don’t deserve a life filled with financial stress.

If you are worried about making ends meet and still having a good Memorial Day weekend in Littleton, Greenwood Village, or Highlands Ranch, don’t hesitate. Call now to request your free initial consultation meeting with Barry Arrington, a trustworthy and understanding bankruptcy attorney at 303-205-7870 or submit the “Get Help Now” form to begin your journey toward financial freedom.

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